Surprise Surprise

Surprise, surprise
she coming back for more even though she’s had enough
I don’t know what to make of it, even if it’s just a case
of letting go and moving on or just to drink away the pain
Maybe this time I can get back my dignity
yeah that’s a good joke, she sold that for the ride home

A prostitute of several hearts she wears on her sleeve
was I the loser or did I gain what I now take for granted?
I’m old enough to still feel as young as I did back then
the day I almost lived too long but it is too much to take in
I can reminisce some more, if you wish to use it against me babe

Surprise, surprise
I ain’t your crutch to lean upon when the days become rough
It’s the best I can do without raising my voice because you know
that won’t get us anywhere, well it won’t do me any good
I couldn’t care less how you felt, yeah it’s true
I’ll show you the sympathy you showed me

A prostitute of several lives she wears to obscure her own
make or break your responsibility because it’s not mine
I gained nothing except a life lesson which I shall not repeat
all tomorrows parties are calling out for you honey
best chase them with the tears of a clown
Laugh away my feeble attempts
But I swear I was true
perhaps the only honesty you’ll ever feel

The End

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