A Bottle of Sunshine

I've got this little bottle, see.

I got this little bottle,

Got it from a strange man,

A strange man in a tree,

A tree that dropped fruits,

Fruits of unknown origin.

This little bottle, see it?

See, this little bottle,

This tiny little vial,

This vial is the cure,

The cure to sadness.

Sadness that causes depression,

So this little bottle,

This tiny little bottle right here,

Is, ultimately, the cure for depression.

This little bottle,

This one right here,

In my hand,

This is my personal bottle.

D'you know what's in this little bottle?

D'you know why it's so great?

How it cures sadness?

Why it makes me just so happy?

This little bottle,

My personal little bottle,

It's my own little bottle

Full of sunshine.

That's right,

My own personal

Bottle of sunshine.

The End

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