Sunsets and Jungle Cruises

What shall we do, what shall we do?
Go to the beach or to the zoo?
Fantastic beasts or gentle seas
Tigers' eyes or ocean breeze?

Paws and claws and whipping tail
Or cresting tide and open sail?
A journey through the jungle deep
Or softest sand on which to sleep?

Tell me please which path to take!
I need a sign I need a break
Standing in the open door,
Shouldering this awful chore

Consult the stars, the horoscope
Tarot cards to give me hope
Someone drag me from this cave
Pull me from this open grave

How do I know, how do I know?
Weather, will it rain or snow?
Check the forecast, watch the skies,
Until the day has passed me by

The animals are all asleep
The secrets are the shells' to keep
The sun will never touch my skin
While waiting in this world within

Tomorrow I will step outside
To see the waves and stripe-ed hide
And in the morning, ask anew
What shall we do, what shall we do?

The End

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