Sunset in Hebron

I can't even begin to describe how much I love Hebron, especially in the special time between day and light when the sun sets behind the Hebron Mountains, and another day is over....

A gust of wind flutters through the tree tops

Moving the leaves gently

Making them glow in green and silver colors.

Chirping birds are hoping cheerfully

From one branch to another.

Behind the trees the sun is sinking

Dying the sky in glorious blues and reds.

Red spots of roof tops dot the mountains,

Around them patches of various greens.

And many,

 many  trees

Olives, almonds, pomegranates,

And vines.

If only I could capture

The sights.

The sounds.

The smells.

If only I could capture

This precious moment,

If  only I could merge into this scene

And become as one

With my beloved city

 In sunset.

The End

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