Sunset Flight

Written as quickly as I possibly could before the sun went down whilst on a night flight back from holiday.

All around, a white expanse,
Preparing for the moon’s debut,
The carpet shaded dusty lilac
All tinged with midnight blue.
Then, at the edges,
Coral red bleeds into peach.
Then ochre turns to sky
Both in and out of reach.
A flaming circle sits contented,
With colour all around.
The circular staple now descends,
Pulling the spectrum close to ground
Quicker than I could imagine,
I watch the crimson circle sink
Through the expanse, ‘til all that’s left
Is a sliver teetering on the brink.
Not long until the brightness leaves me
Save a meagre coloured band.
Dark blue above, indigo below,
The colour clasped between blue hands.
The once dusty lilac carpet breaks,
Revealing shimmering dots below,
Where cities sleep, receptive
To the nightly winds which blow.

The End

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