This was a poem written on a class trip. I can't remember where or when but I remember the colours in the sky. It might have been on top of Devil's Marbles in Aussie. It was wonderful. How could I leave such beauty without a piece to compliment it?

There was always something romantic about the sun coming back up. The light coming back to the world... Maybe it is the essence of the night that is driving me into a poetic persona.

The brightest stars share the light 
In the darkest hour of the night 
The sticks and stones lay in the dark 
Animals sleep in a nearby park 

The streets are empty and people gone 
Soon the Sun will come anon 
All await the glory of the dawn 
The streaks of gold bring the morn 

Clouds are coloured in beautiful hues, 
The highest mountains receive the best views 
Light cloaks the world in heavenly sunshine 
Brightens the shadows before the clock strikes nine

The End

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