Sunny Days- A Rondeau

While straggling with focusing on this poetry assignment and some others, when there is a beautiful sunny day outside (and that is the only thing I can focus on...) I decided that if you can beat them- join them. So I made a poem out of it.

On sunny days she couldn't pore.


Neither school assignments nor

Some grown ups' tasks she had to do

It all seemed dyed with greyish hue

She could not stand another chore.


Distractors were her constant war

She had to fight them hard and swore

It was the last time she'd postpone her due

On sunny days.


She tried it all, she closed the door

She locked her phone inside a drawer,

She brought some food for her to chew

But even though she always knew

On one thing only she could pore-

On sunny days.

The End

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