Sunlight on Arbutus Trees

Sunlight on arbutus trees

peel back my skin and leave me


While cherry blossoms swirl around

the colour of love 

make no sound.

As you fade behind a cloud,

I want you to know I'll always be around,

forever near.


You can be with me

or you can go and do what you please,

I'll be happy.

I'll remain waiting still

roots webbed deep into your soul

I won't disappear.


For you are the sun and I am the tree

you are free to be


All I ask is you come back

and shine your light on me.


Starlight on faded gloom

I gaze at the moon and miss


Fireflies light the skies

angel dust falls like magic lies,

like my tears.

Through this sweet serenity

I remember your gentle melody 

and breathe.


You say you can't speak to me

but the truth is I hear you clearly,

and don't want to believe

you would ever want to be anywhere

but anywhere

close to me.


For you are the moon and I am the sea

we both are so full of mystery.

Your gravitation pull on me

can't ever ask me to leave,

but I am free.


I'm choosing you even if you don't choose me

and all I need is your glow on me,

it's enough.


Sunlight on arbutus trees

on a mountain above a starlit sea

such beauty.

I know I can't request you stay

but I'll cherish the moments


If you must go, always know

my heart is rooted in your soul

I'm drawn to your gravity

you will always be with me

even if the same no longer holds true for you.

I'll be happy

if you are happy

with or without me.

The End

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