~tHe BeAuTy In YoU~

One could not say

They would be prepared,

For beauty to come their way.


The laws of life

Somehow are not there,

Without the strife.


Horrible and Terrible,

Could our trials

Be called beautiful?


No one can see them that way.

But if we learned from them,

The knowledge could not be thrown away.


What we learn is valuable

For what was once impossible,

Now you are able.


That is beauty of the mind.

But what is beauty of the eye?


The blue ocean waves,

Crashing on the shore,

Splitting land and water in two, perfect halves.


Tall towers of white,

Perched on blue blankets,

 Look feather light.


On these ancient skyscrapers,

Look closely for a bear,

Fabulous, white creatures.


In the sky there dips

A bright, white sun

Wrapping earth in sunset lips.


The moon rising,

Ghostly white and slim,

The clouds breaking.



Tall trees prevail

Cutting the deep, blue sky,

Forming an emerald veil.


Should the stars all fall,

Burning everything,

Would the wolves still call?


Would music still dance,

Waiting for someone to listen?

My heart hopes of the chance.


But I trust the stars won’t fall,

And so I can play,

Every note that can call.


So the beauty of my piano waits,

Begging for harmony,

And I take the bait.


I let my fingers fly,

Take with them my soul,

‘Till the day I die.


Weave autumn to melody,

Let winter flourish

To it’s own harmony.


With it summer sings,

Spring carries on,

Taking the bitter things.


And now I let it go,

Spinning on the chair,

Around to you.


Your face brightens in

Utter delight,

The silence breaks to din.


Laughter and smiles,

I would go for you,

A million miles.


                                   That is the beauty I see in you.


[Please give me some serious feedback for this one. My teacher decided to sign us all up for a poetry competition, and I really need some critique. Everyone I give it to just says it's good and doesn't offer any advice on how to make it better =P]

The End

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