Sunken Ship

Poem about a sunken ship and its story

Sunken Ship

Under the crashing waves, in the endless, cold deep

A ship of the past lies battered in a heap

Where sailors once sailed centuries before

Laughing and chatting as the ship began to soar

But sadly it sank, endlessly tossed by a storm

And soon enough the sailors’ hearts were no longer warm

Today, it still lies, broken boards all around

Complete skeletons lying, piled in small mounds

Coral and seaweed have covered the thing

Underneath that, the sound of small life rings

For little creatures like crab and octopi here roam

This the place they like to call home

Though darker than death

Old like elderly’s breath

It will always stay and stay this way

as it is

Lost in the dark is this ship of his

The fish that swim by are the only ones that have seen

For we can not reach it, with even the latest of machines

Though humans have tried to discover secrets of the dark, cold

It has never been found, its story never been told

The End

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