sunbeams spanning the spaces between your arms like they did when i laid my palm to overlap my own wrist

i know that the skies have never ceased their whines for you
and the clouds do not part for your approach 

but my darling, 
you are no less the Air Queen

and when i hug you 
i am safe
finally, safe and warm 

and you hate hugging me 
but i do it nevertheless

attention-starved younger sibling showing through the mask 

clawing for the barest scrap of love 
i am finished being that person 
i am not small enough for you to crush under your boot anymore

i am bigger, 
bigger and stronger and better 
i'd like to see you try to step on me now

we're both standing straight now, sister

i don't know why you were always out of touch
a little off-sync 
just out of the frame when the camera flash goes off

shake until you see the grimace begin to fade in around the edges 

i have one single photograph of you laughing
lost it a while back
and did you know that i didn't dwell on it 

may the skies drip serenades for your lonely days
and the clouds seep cover for the times when you can't see 

because darling, 
the Air Queen must always come back and bow to the other elements. 

The End

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