Summoning The Death of TwilightMature

This is me, suming up, my hatred, of the Twilight series, in 273 words...

Dreaming, Demonising, Hypmotising.

I am falling under the threat, blundering my pets,

Missusing my bets.

I am losing the fight. Struggling to bite, my eyes are wandering,

My taste buds dieing, I cannot return, I might burn.

The Church might sink, I might become bloodied ink. Blessed but unholy, Vampirac but transforming into a prick.

I have become lost, the teenage romance has become undressed. Vampires and Wolves, blundering fools. Confusing Stokers reality, breaking all the brokering societies.

Damn you Stephanie, confusing reality with jeoprady. Why cant you understand, your books were a mistake, they should be baked, or caked and thrown away, left to be, decomposing like the wood they are made of.

Used for firewood, burnt like turf.

They are not worth the ink that allows us to read your mistake of a creation. Maybe they should be studied, as a recreation gone wrong. Showing scholars of the future, that teenage romance gone abstract, should be kept in an old mans knapsack. Left untouched, a monument to dust.

Never seen, or heard. Forgotten and not remembered.

Meyers thoughts are deluded, her stories attract the bewildered, the teenage girls screaming his name, "oh John" or arguing over "Edward".

 Joining the hordes of mistakes, growing like a pandemic bird flu. Taking flight and never crashing, going atmospheric, becoming cataclysmic.

Stay away. I do not want your illness, I have the ailment, it is called reality. Twilighters should be ranked as fighters for the wrong cause. I will wipe there scum coverered skid marks over societies underbelly, distorting there love, destroying my hate. It is time to witness,

The end of Stephanie Meyers mistake...

The End

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