Summoning Storm

A powerful, alien entity rises from the sea and demands sacrifices, which its followers are all too happy to provide. I was thinking of Cthulhu and his crazy cult when I wrote it. Oh, and the fact that cephalopods (squid, octopi, cuttlefish, ect) use their colorful chromatophores to hypnotise simple-minded prey with flashing light, as well as reflect their moods and blend into the background.

The sea is black as though made of ink

Skies pulse with lightning, far-off planes

Too high up to see, to care

Caught in constant, wrathful rain


Waves lap hungry at the docks

Fish are beaten against the rocks

People come to watch the storm

Attracting their master with bodies warm.


The tide pulses in your blood it might

No it demands a sacrifice

A gentle one that tolerates flight

But prefers it calm, drawn by its light.


Finally, the time is now

The loyal come. The loyal bow.

They bring their friends, they bring their pets.

Paradise comes, they will have no regrets.


Night surf parts; lightning shows it rise

Ancient, amorphous, but under a guise

Of the squirming thing with the snapping beak

Great lashing limbs, huge eyes that seek.


It was trapped. Millennia passed. 

But the wear of time it can outlast.

And with the cosmos finally aligned

A new beginning it will find.


Observer's eyes track patterns made

Patterns broken, suggestions laid

Confusing, beguiling, obscuring the teeth

Across its flesh and the water beneath.


Statues pose, their eyes affire

The loyal dance like bugs on a wire

They offer themselves to the thing from the sea

And when they're chosen wont try to wrench free.


No one dares to move, to breathe

As it selects those with which it will leave

It seizes, it watches, it tastes their souls

These tiny creatures, blind as moles.


The brightly burning are taken first

They allow themselves to sate the thirst

To be lifted, beyond this imperfect Earth

And know what their life is actually worth.


They practiced for years, ceremonial rites

They screamed to the heavens that they'd see these lights

That strobed across their deity's skin

Burning their retinas and forgiving their sin.


Massive and maddening, it wants to control

The world that humans soiled and stole

But they're still needed, to know their place

And not fly free in the depths of space.

The End

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