Summer's Winter Blues


I can’t remember the day I knew
That I would always love you
Was it the day your voice bristled
In my ear like a chiffon breeze
That wrapped me deep within
Maybe the shine in your eyes
That promised forever mine
I can’t remember the day
But I just knew
That it would always
Be me
Be you…
Safe from all that existed
That moment forever present
Is all there is
You and me.
You and I.
Reflected images of I love you
Without there being a reason why
A love I held so close to me
Only to have to set you free
Slowly from my dying heart
I still feel you unweaving
Like a ribbon with no ends
We can only meet again
For love has yet to begin
The sun tickles the sky’s blues
My tears smile
And I remember you
Cold and empty on this day of June
As if Summer’s got the Winter blues
Memories of together from my soul flow
They whisper and dance with the rain asking…

“Where you’re going…can I go?”

© Alya Landry 2008

The End

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