Summer Vacation

A poem about summer

                                          Summer vacation is finaly here

                                      After months of homework and sitting on a chair

                                     Two months without grades or endless work

                                       The bell rings , we rush outside, into the summer sun

                                            Summer vacation is finally here

                                       Summer vacation just began

              Relaxing, watching TV, and shoving your face with food

                     No worries or any kind of work at all

                So far its the best and you are dreading the upcoming year.

                               Summer vacation just began

                              Summer vacation is halfway through

                   You are kind of bored and you don't know what to do

                  Your summer is slipping between your fingers and you are nervous

                     At the same time you are excited for the next school year

                                             Summer vacation is half way through

                                Summer vacation is done

                  Summer vacation is finished  and you are scared

                New kids fill the room  that you don't know or recognize

                Sitting in your chair you are glad to be back

                          Summer vacation is done



The End

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