Summer Rain

We walk hand in hand on the yellow brick road
to a sanctuary where we can be together
Golden skies reflect in your deep hazel eyes
I see the love as it becomes mine
Primrose flowers surround us
as our fairytale begins

Once upon a time, I was alone
as I saw the crimson roses wilt
I only knew of the sorrows as they stole me
You appeared in the faintest starlight
Bringing the azure skies to my life
You cast away the shadows of my past

A lullaby that stirs us deep inside
as we express our true feelings
 Honeysuckle blooms as we walk on by
You speak of the wonders we undertake
Our castle where we can be safe
is over the hills faraway...

We watch the rainbows form in the horizon
above the stars so out of reach
Your smile so gentle and innocent
We kiss just once as the clouds gather
Summer rain falls in ocean pearls
We find shelter beneath the tallest oak tree
Our wishes have already been fulfilled
as we live happily ever after

The End

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