ANF- In Time

Innocence is often crushed by hardship

As life—ever-pressing—pushes your heart

Squeezing your valves, preventing the blood flow

The thump! of the vein in your right wrist fades

As tears—in persistence—fall down your face

You can’t recall when your smile was not fake

As others—always naive—laughed their laughs

You pray for an escape, a place to hide

The ache of your head overwhelms the crowd

As people—in merriment—carry on

Remember now, this is not forever

As you—always restless—fight to hold on

One day, you’ll see, your smile will light up rooms

The honesty will shine for all to see

As you—in timeless wisdom—stop running

The beginning of the climb is hardest

As hills—ever enchanting—form nearby

Stealing away your vision of the top

The light of day cedes to the dark of night

As they—in love—begin the moonlit dance

Soon there will be a time when you feel warm

As life—eternally unfair—moves on

But returns your heart in loving embrace

The beat! of your unwavering drum sounds

As it—in time—lifts your knees from the ground.

Inspired by "After the Storm"-Mumford and Sons.

The End

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