Summer (poem)

a short poem i wrote when i was about 11/ 12 years old. I entered it into a competition and it was published in a local schools poetry book..hope you like it!

I love the tall apple tree fluttering lightly in the warm breeze 

Gently waving its outstretched arm

With its neat shiny green leaves

Dancing joyfully at its finger tips

I love to see the stripy buzzing bees gliding

Gracefully between the snow white daises

Collecting powder like pollen at their tiny feet

I love to hear the twittering bird's song

Echoing through the trees

As they sway to the tuneful song of summer

I love the dazzling ray of yellow sun

Reaching out across the clear blue sky

Like an outstreched arm

Shimmering as the world goes by

The End

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