Summer has ended (My Dear)

A poem of apparent eternal love.That burned hot like the heat of the sun in summer but was just as temporary as the season itself.Which leaves a young man depressed and afraid.He inevitably comes to the conclusion to never love again.

Some people can't live without it 

this thing called love

some people die without it

this thing meant for all


Yet I once knew it

held it.admired it

then lost it

only to find it heaven sent

once again


This thing called love

may spring in the fall

wither in the winter

and seem to last forever

in the summer


But when september springs

Death visits "The Thing"

and it dies with the fallen season

dies without a reason


Yet there is something left behind

faint yet let behind

A reminiscence in essence

of what was once there

A new standard from which all else is judged

A sinister hate with the conscience of a broken heart

A broken heart seeding the fear of denial.


If this is the faith of this thing called love




next summer end

i will never love again



The End

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