Summer Fairytale

I had this crush during my summer class last 2009 but I hated him at first and it was only in our final week that I realized that I like him... >.< So this poem is for him.

Sometimes people really don't know that things are already happening in front of them

They tend to be too oblivious and reserved

Sometimes people are even caught unprepared when emotions run into them

They always hide and pretend that they never really cared.


But why did I have to like you

Now when our time together is almost over

I didn't even realize how I felt for you

Despite the times that we are together


Now that summer is almost over and the fairytale before I knew it has ended

How can I go back and again be a part of your life

I know my feelings for you will always be unrequited

But deep inside I know you will always be a part of my life.

The End

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