I came upon a summer’s day

Its face a glowered glow

A disgust unnamed

A sleeping eye and furrowed mane

It reached out to touch me, this I know

Hurl me back into the underground

Where patience grows like weeds

For sweeter days of emptiness and

Calmer weather for our souls

I raked my nails across its back,

With bare knuckles I blackened

each venomous hateful eye 

And with a vengeful scream it howled

Back to heaven’s gates; a spirit bruised---

But I fear no wrath of God

No innocence of gesture, sweet

No patience seems to grow soft upon me

The greater eye can skip ahead

Over me, catch nothing to start 

the heavy-wheeled brain

Of the world

The all-knowing mind falters there

Where humans are no more than air

Though our power breaks His striving thus

I am nothing, this is certain

The End

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