School is over...damn straight

School is finally over

I'm overjoyed, and yes...

I threw away my papers and cleaned my locker

to it's best

But I have this feeling

Although I'm ovejoyed...

I just can't seem to shake it

And now I feel distressed


Every time I think of it

I shudder and shiver too

Because exams are around the corner

It's peeking out at you.

I study study study

Try to be the best that I can be

Yet on the mock exam I got 20

out of 23.

It's an asianfail, I know it

But I know my parents all too well

Even though my mom's the only asian

With my dad, you couldn't tell

He acts just like my mom

And he starts to get all stressed

Even more than me,

and I know he wants the best

But my best isn't THE best

And I don't know what to do

So I study study study

And you should be studying now, too!

The End

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