Summary of an Emo

This poem reminds me of Jordan. I actualy based this on Toby. He let me do it, and actualy thought it was funny when he read it. He is the only emo I know who admits to being one and makes jokes about it. Anyway, this came out of the blue and I made it up as I went along, so it isn't that good, but whatever. Enjoy.

your life has no meaning
When your heart has lost its beat
When  your soul has ran away
Still you live another day

Why keep going on and on?
Why do you make it so long?
Why do you insist to stay?
When you could just fade away?

You say that you don’t want to die
But all of this is just a lie
When you’ve thrown away your life
Why not end it with a knife?

The songs that you insist to play
All and every single day
It’s almost like they have a list
Telling you to slit your wrist

Everything must have an ending
All your life you’ve been descending
Your life is like a prison cell
The only place for you is hell

The End

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