Sum Ad Manducand

Do not weep any longer
Turn your face to the skies,
The eggshell blue, just cutting the layers of cloud

It's going to snow tonight, baby.

I am no longer lonely
For no longer I forsake redemption.

Forget the lust that grabs your eyes, clutches at your throat
Tonight, you remember why you're here
Don't ever let this slip from your fingertips
This is what we all came to see;
This is your solo.

And what a solo it shall be.

Glorious, I shall stand, unbroken.
Beaten by wind, and lashed by rain,
But the moment deemed to rest upon my shoulders,
Will last a lifetime.
She'll last a lifetime.

This is my symphony now.
I'm taking the reins, bringing back to me.
I'll never give this up. Believe me, I've something more

I'll even be glad to hear my thoughts.
Mistakes raging through my mind

In a moment of clarity,
I can finally look back,
Without haze descending upon my vision.

I must step carefully,
Tonight, I decide for myself. 



The End

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