Suicide without the knifeMature

Bullimia without the vomit

Suicide without the knife

Anorexic without the dedication

A stupid fucker without a life.


A big ass whale, good for nothing

Peice of shit, lazy, fat, ugly 

The whirling insults noone has the courage to say

I have to spell out with my mouth. 


It's the elephant in the room

How shit I am at life

I wish I was dead

but I dont have the conviction

To actually pull out a knife.


I'm so shit at life that I wish I were anorexic

But I can't be because I'm so crap

I wish I were bullimic

At least I'd be thin,

Why did I choose the only eating disorder 

That made me such a bloated

Fat ugly shitty stupid, 

Naiive, fucking shit, heavy

Fat fat fat fat fat

Pile of fucking shit?

I just hate myself. 

The End

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