Suicide Bombing

This is a poetry-rap based on my own experience being a victim of abuse and bullying. With my experience, I have mentored people who walked on the same boat in overcoming their insecurities and fear that is left in them. Bullying is a real thing, and it should not be taken lightly.

Eastside where I grew up
Westside where I died
I lived life meant to survive
Like there is nothing as new life

No light, all dark, no chant, all died
I have to kill, or else I die
No way out, Judgement Day, wassup?

All day, all night, I cried to God
Lord, lead me me out of this misery
I couldn't stand on my pair of feet
So, Lord, help me and show Your way
These dudes are giving me more pain

Since my life is in Your hands
And my pride is in Your hands
My dignity has been taken away
So, please God, let it rain

Demon days, dark nights
Dark past, suffocation
Dead life, zombie life

I should have tried my best to live
To overcome my disabilities
I failed to stand on my pair of feet
So, why did I deserve to live?

So, God help me
What deeds have I done that deserve to live in this fear?
Please answer me
Show me Your ways and Your truth, let Your grace set me free

My peeps can't see my tears were flowing
They were blind to see, they were so caged in
So God, lead me
Show Your rain
So my peeps will not see me crying

6, 5, 4, seconds to counting
This is too much for me, lately
Should I die for nothing?

- Ezra Hananiah Jalin -

The End

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