Suicide Blame

  • I am so lost in paradise,
  • Why would I take your advice.
  • I'd lose all I have,
  • Become so very sad.


  • I'd wish for an end,
  • You can't just pretend.
  • The mental strain,
  • Is nothing to gain.


  • The pressure on my heart,
  • Will pull me apart.
  • You'll walk in one day,
  • And I won't be okay.


  • I'll be led in the tub,
  • On the side a letter for you, love.
  • Slit open wrist,
  • But here's the twist.


  • You ran away,
  • Left me alone today.
  • Couldn't you tell I was stressed,
  • Emotionally depressed?


  • So go on take one last look,
  • 'Cause one small slice was all it took.
  • Will you ever regret?
  • Or will you choose to forget?
The End

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