A lying voice, in your head, tells you that there is only one way to put your mind in PEACE

The anger, inside of you, makes your vessels tremble, you can’t cry.

Crying never helped you, neither them.

It makes you blame yourself, then hate it.. and life.

It makes you speak yes, while shaking your nose at them.

You might become mean, you are worried.

You might not to care anymore,

You feel sick, disgusted.

Your breath's rapid, you can hear it howl!

Easy my friend,

You’re about to lose your soul.

Dear brothers, and sisters,

The sordid scars running in our veins,

They’re words, from their mouths, to lift our chins up.

Our hearts, like sacred trains,

Once they stop, they will start to sob.



Don’t let them sob,

Don’t let them sob…




 Wrote in an unfortunate day, at an unfortunate time.


The End

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