Sugar's PrideMature

How to love.

Clouded vision,

Diluted judgement,

Every action

Bidding for the plastic.

Your soulless

And you think its fantastic.

The cheapening,

The degrading,

Playful begging.

Little do you know your the heart of a demoralising game.

A horcrux exploited on every level.

Dignity burnt and stripped.

Don't you think your better than this?

Flesh exposed,

With a kid on your arm.

But you are the sweetest of the sugar babies,

With that extra charm.

You don't care how you get it

As long as your not walking as far as you can throw.

Your Daddy never teached you etiquette,


You have sat second class

But now your new Daddy's making up for it.

Every squeeze,

Every rinse.

*Shock horror*

You seriously think your made for this?

There will come a day when your proved wrong

And the birds will chirp a different song.

A day when the heavens pour,

And you will lie

Tears askew

on the bathroom floor with your soul bared raw.

A day when no ones home

And they've all gone.

So maybe I will let you know now,

I am your saving grace,

My kiss marks you innocent once more.

Whatever you have done,

Get on with your life,

For that is not what you have become.

Hunny, go



The End

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