Sugar-Glazed Heroine

A potential slam poem.

You have more faces than they have at Madame Tussauds'

But what astounds me most is how much you can deny.

You sit back and can happily call everybody frauds

When you're the one shape-shifting and batting your eyes.

You're so consumed with the idea of being a heroine

That you can't see the hurt you inflict on the rest of the cast.

You need saving, yes - we're beginning to narrow in

On the problem but the final curtain call has passed.

We've come to the end of your one-woman tale,

So step on forward and bow to them all -

But, somewhere along the way, your character grew stale

And now you're bowing to an empty hall.

To the girl with the sugar-glazed smile, I'll say this:

You starred and you called all the shots,

But I hope you're ready to spend your retirement days

Reflecting on the crew that you've gone and lost.

But for old time's sake, let's pretend I'm interested

And I'll give you an honest critique -

You'd a solid character, I'll admit I was invested,

But.... This is where my review becomes bleak.

By the time that it came for the conflict to build

There were no more gaps to fill in - 

The hand had been dealt, and the milk had been spilled

And she'd quickly turned into the villain.

The emotional arc was dismal - to put it kindly -

For when push came to shove in the end

She burned bridges thoughtlessly, ruthlessly, blindly.

One-star rating: do not recommend.

This was all that I wanted to say and to bid

You the best with your upcoming sequel;

But mostly I hope your new cast gets rid

Of you sooner, unless you treat them as equals.

The End

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