sugar, we're going down swinging

i know

that come what may,

i perhaps did not handle

the situation with

the most finesse,

but how dare

they touch you,

how dare they assume that

you're okay with that.

and i know,

that you would prefer to

shed as little blood as possible,

but they put their dirty paws

on you, and

i'm not going to allow them

to get away with that.

because you're mine

as much as i am yours,

and i love you with everything i have.

so rub off the feeling of their hands on your skin,

i'll take care of you.

and you know,

sugar, if we're going down,

we're going down swinging,

because we're both not the type to go quietly,

and i'll do anything to protect you.

so tell me,

tell me what does it feel to be like you?

please come down now,

i'll lead you

down a path from which we

won't return,

come down from your tower.


i'll never let anything hurt you,

and despite what people say,

we're not giving up,

we're going down


The End

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