Life inside a box, all the locks that keep you caught

it wasn't how you thought and you forgot.

so you look across the horizon

and hope to see a new sun rising

but it still glows the same color yellow.

eating sugar to sweet coat the pain

hoping to have a heart attack in my brain

trying to numb the thumbs on my temples

that drive me insane.

pressing pressure points to put me all better 

I tried to write my feelings down in a letter

but it comes out strange.

I wish that I could explain it

but all I do is complain

so cover me in sugar.

I thought this color couldn't get much darker

but the feel of steel grows much harder

and colder in the palm of my hand

its heavy like my feet caught in sinking sand

so sinking slinking down in my chair

trying not to get noticed there. 

filling both my fists full of fibs

and smiles spilling all over my bibs, baby

I'm an ornery kid throwing a fit

so give me something sweet so I forget. 

cover me in sugar.

The End

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