Suffer Through The DayMature

160th piece of writing in 2012. written 8-10-12

A night filled with exasperated sighs 

Fading out, with the euphoria of the highs 

Will this song, this note express my deepest goodbyes

My wrist is slit, but you wont hear my silent cries 

False tears to convince you my dear

I hate the person i view in the mirror 

The darkness that inhabits my true intentions 

I stare to see multiple reflections  

Will my words create faith, inspire even one? 

Lift yourself from the darkness and truly see the sun 

Let the winds soothe my soul 

Help me scape this fire infested hole 

Will the evil never leave me

allow me to finally se

Feel the light of love

Free flying like a precious dove 

My attempts to redeem are so fucking feeble 

My love is ferocious; deadly, like a neck wrapped with a telephone cable 

I suffer through the day to control the night 

I am everything you fear, who is judgment tonight 

Am i able to be saved? not quite 

Truly i am evil, im quite a miserable sight 

The End

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