Such Towering Eyes

Everyone stands above you
As you lay yourself on white sheets
His hands squirm under the faucet
Try to preserve some purity.
Someone needs to teach him
Someone needs to speak..
But your holding onto ghosts
Yeah, you still have your dreams

Its the warmth of your skin
Its the sincerity in your tone
that persuades all the touching,
Yeah i should know..
When the sky fades to orange
and the sun turns to go
Everyones turning with it
You'll be left on your own.

Its your pride on the pavement,
Your innocence on the floor.
They're obscured under black footsteps
leading to your bedroom window.
The tears that fell on your pillow
Dried up years ago,
Your judgement's a little hungover
How could you not have known?

And its morbid to think he's laughing at
how you toss in your sleep,
The dreams, once so pleasant
Cause all your attempts to lay weak
Ever since he stole the whitened flame
you isolated in your sole,
defiled, violated, and gone
Yeah, he proved us all wrong.

The End

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