such great hieghts

2 yr old poem excuse typo's

everything is ok

when your at your lowest low

your not alone

from such great heights

they will look up at us

we can shine on


your not alone

ill be there even when we reach the end

everything is ok

calm down now

your safe

ive always tried to hide

but for you

my heart is open

and ready for you

i wont let you go

ill show the world

from such great heights

we will never stop flying

my heart is yours

my blue eyed wolf


its easy to forget

its easy to not care

its easy to be attracted

its easy to get bored

to leave

to hate

people are drawn to me

i dont know why

theres somthing special about me

i dont know what

i think its the same thing

that makes you hate me

leave me so

makes you not care

and walk away

and to forget

i care

and it hurts

but it does not matter

i will always hide it

from everyone

so i dont matter

its ok

im fine

as far as you know.

The End

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