such great heights

is it too early to tell you I miss you?

Tonight my roommate and I did laundry,

a guy came in with a guitar,

and so we sat atop spinning machines

and sang songs for the stars.

"They will see us waving from such great heights..."

used to be you and I.

You're at home now, but of course I can't call,

so instead I called the guitar guy 

and we walked down vacant streets,

until we circled back to where we sleep.

We embraced, twice on the doorsteps, but did not kiss.

In the beginning, he held my hand but I pulled free,

and he let me wear his sweater at the end so I wouldn't freeze,

my fingers disappeared into the sleeves.

You were never that big on me.

I just wish I could talk to you, and see how you are,

and ask if you miss me at all so far.

But dreaming of you is like wishing on a satellite and pretending it's a star.

is it too late to say I still love you?

It's too everything for me.

The End

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