Such a shame

a moment of weakness
lost in its strength
I went running
to only stand alone again

Sucha shame

that our good times had to be restricted

to you uncomfortable frame

that your mind went racing

and you forgot that I am here

to distract the common fear

His words burning through my eyes

as I see the frustration underlined

with anger subtly arise

Such a shame

that our fun together

had to take second place

to your overanalysing habits

forgetting my safe embrace

I'm sorry...... I said

knowing this won't change a thing

with tears I lay saddened by defeated regret

Such a shame

that words cause destruction

to memories that could have lived forever

as I help you forget

Thank you for understanding

I plea

just wanting to be there with thee

It's such a shame at last

that sunshine days after

suffer from yesterday's wicked laughter 

that you hold on to the past

forgetting that I am here for now

to last


The End

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