Subject Permanence

The speaker considers the permanence, or lack thereof, of ideas and the like.


A thought, once thought, does it persist?
Subject, object, left to exist?
What happened to the other day?
Does it endure while we're away
Ahead on our temporal line?
Left to define
Our identity, our past
What would you do
If you now knew
That yourself was there to last?
What we were before, we are
Would we all be spread too far
If this was, in fact, the case?
Or would that trace
Life bound in place
Be impossible to bear?
No escape from year to year
Each part of us, always there
Perhaps not now, but then, somewhere
"What's done is done."
A way to run
From the responsibility of doing
May we never find
A piece of mind
Through subject permanence, continuing.
The End

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