Stumbled Into Love

She holds diamonds in her eyes,
It feels like heaven when she smiles,
And suddenly it's hard for me to breath,
When we touch my knees get so weak,
I find it difficult to speak,
My words get caught in a jumble,
And i stumble,
Into love,
Love, Love
Love, Love
Yeah i stumble into love.

I wonder does she see,
All that she means to me,
She's so confident, she flys free,
Whrn she walks passed people stare,
Does she know, does she care?
Sometimes her modesty is hard for me to bare,
To me she is everything,
But to her i don't mean a thing,
She's the reason that i sing,
About fumbling, tumbling
Stumbling into love,
Love, love,
Love, love,
I guess i stumbled into love.

Now i could pay with every tear,
Give anything to have her near,
But that's when my head fills with fear,
There's too much that i could loose,
And what is their to be gained>
I fear i may go insane,
I need to get outta this love,
Love, love
Love, love
I need to find a way out of this love

The End

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