Toys aren't always fun little gadgets,

Or wooden dolls.

They can be hearts,

They both have a lifetime,

And someone always breaks them.

Your heart being played with isn't fun,

You feel like you're falling,

Falling down an endless hole.

Sent into an oblivion of feelings,

Stuck in that world.

Guys aren't the only heart breakers,

Girls like playing to.

Girls will be careful like dressing a doll,

Boys may be playing a shooting game,

Or putting the game in zen mode.

Dolls always eventually break,

Guys have feelings to.

Shooting is a rollercoaster,

Happy now,

Sad within a hour.

No couple is perfect,

Never will be.

Girls need to be extra careful,

Guys need to pay attention,

Look at how you've hurt her.



And hearts.

They're all the same really,

Played with and broken.

The End

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