Everyone has an addiction to something.

A song,

Or a person,

Or illegal activity,

Or a specific hobby.

But there's always one,

Always one to hate on you.

Perhaps through jealousy,

Perhaps trying to be cool,

Or their addiction is being mean.

The key is ignorance,

Ignore that one person.

Don't let one person ruin your day,

Do what you're doing,

And don't force yourself to change addiction.

You cannot change addiction,

Once it sticks it's stuck.

It won't go away,

For quite some time,

But it's your addiction.

You can show it however you want,

Do whatever you want with it,

Write about it,

Act it out,

Don't let someone ruin your fun.

No it doesn't sound fair,

Everyone can express their addiction.

Perhaps in bad ways,

In good ways,

Just do what you do.

Do what feels best,

It's your life.

Go live it how you want it,

You're a human being,

Not a robotic slave.

The End

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