Moving has many meanings,

Moving house,

Moving school or work,

Moving physically,

Or in a description of something.

Moving house is fun,

Moving schools can sometimes be good or bad,

Physically is such a bore,

No one likes exercise,

In this case moving is something I want.

I want to move house,

To move school.

There are people I will miss,

But that's always the case when moving,

Always leaving someone behind.

I want to live in the Isle of Wight,

In our house with the sea view,

In the amazing town known as Shanklin.

Away from my horrible school,

And the people in it.

Away from the teachers,

Away from the atmosphere.

There's few I'll be sad to leave,

Some I know I'll lose contact,

Probably never see again.

I don't really care,

I have my reasons to go.

A levels is a long wait,

Two more years until I can go,

Leave the wretched place and not look back.

There would be no turning back,

I'd be on the island until university,

Then maybe until I leave home.

But I won't,

I love that island.

No-one can tell me otherwise,

No-one can stop me,

No-one can convince me to stay.

My family has made the decision,

And if they chicken I switch to force.

If you are a close friend of mine,

A true friend would be upset by this.

I want to leave,

But they would understand why,

Why I hate the retched place I call school.

Why I want to leave,

Who I will miss,

Why I love the Isle of Wight.

Only a true friend will understand this poem,

Only a true friend would be on my side.

The End

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