Anger leads to Depression: One Little Thing

I don't really know what this is, just a place where I summarise problems. Which I know no one will read so there's no reason to be worried about people bothering me, trying to reassure me or just to argue.

It all starts with one little thing,

Then it expands.

First it's a little arguement,

Or maybe a friend betrayed you.

It can be anything really,

One little thing.

Just waiting to annoy you,

Which will then make you expand your thoughts.

This will lead to more anger,

Which will lead into sad thoughts.

You realise all the depressants in life,

Mix them together in your brain,

And voila.

One little thing to start it all,

It doesn't have to be much,

One little thing can lead to many.

It can lead people to death,

To drugs,

To alcohol,

To self harming,

To quietness.

People start to hate you,

Ignore you.

You're left with maybe a couple if you're lucky,

Who are your lifeline,

Family have no clue how bad you may feel.

Don't tell them anything,

They just make it worse.

One little thing,

It can ruin your life.

Maybe forever,

Maybe a month,

Maybe a week.

Or in may case,

A few days,

Or longer depending on who and what.

One little thing,

Let your feelings out,

Let your imaginery world know.

Tell your people,

Let them know.

Tell the real and be prepared,

It always ends in reassurance or arguements,

I disike both.

I've had many arguements in life,

Look where it got me.

The bottom line,

Reassurance just annoys me,

My mind turns it into an arguement,

Or they just go soppy and follow me.

One little thing.

You can write it,

You can speak to yourself,

You can tell your imaginary world,

You can eat yourself into oblivion.

Just don't tell anyone,

You can say somethings wrong,

But be careful who you say that to.

You can look sad,

But ignore anyone who asks.

No human may know,

Pets and the imaginary,

The only ones who can't intimidate you,

The only ones who can cheer you up.

Go cuddle your pets and tell them everything,

Tell your kingdom and hug them.

Maybe you have an imaginary friend,





Got a real one?

Don't tell them,

Very few are completely trustworthy,

Don't risk it.

One little thing.

The End

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