Student Riot?

In the shadow of some mildly anarchic student demonstrations in Englands capital city, I happened upon a smaller protest in Manchester, today, and this is what i saw. "Never remember..." becasue it struck me as a particularly non- noteworthy event; a real waste of time.

And I was frozen to the bone when I walked into town,

to Manchester city centre where the protestors sat on  

the town hall steps and the police ‘kettled’ the students.

The only trouble I saw was the school children acting aggressively,

hoping to appear like adults, but looking like truculent children

with attitude problems and a dozen eggs, lacking forethought

and not appearing to want to consider the consequences of their actions.

Police officer threatened to arrest one youngster, peak of his cap

brushing the forehead of the school tied, white shirted teenager, but

the pricks friends saw sense, the girls covered his mouth and begged the boys

friends to take him away, to stop him getting arrested. Like primal hunters the

police surrounded the adolescent and his threats began to look lame,

like a tomcat squaring up  to lion, like David picking a fight with Goliath;

a little boy who couldn't back down, couldn't lose face, prison for pride.


I don’t know what happened after this because I left, bored, and after all,

students only ever protest when their fees go up anyway. Not exactly an

auspicious event, and I suppose this day will not go down in history as the day

when the students may or may not have trashed another city centre.

The End

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