Stuck in sand.

Um, um, ummm,
It's not finished yet.
But Dane said I'd get eaten if I didn't write something >.<
Oh well...


 Have you ever felt scared?

Lost? Or alone?

Have you ever had a fear?

A doubt?

Nowhere to call home?


Like you didn't have a meaning...

a reason...

a chance...

like music,

through the season,

without the dance.


Flashes of light, 

in a world full of darkness.

Sparks of hope,

in a place so heartless.


Permanent marker, 

on the back of your hand,

a reminder of the memories,

things you can't forget,

too painful to bare,

too paintful to stand.



stuck in sand,

like the last leaf in autumn, 

falling to the ground.

waiting to catch the rest,

no way of turning around.


always second best.


but if all you try,

is turning around,

then you'll always stay,

on the same crumbeling ground.


made mistakes?

no one's perfect.

been hurt?

no one's worth it.


running a race that's never-ending,

searching for someway to feel less alone,

looking for a place not quite so haunting,

wondering if i'll find somewhere to call home.


stayed up all night,

lay awake,



stare at the stars,

so bright,




stuck in sand,

Like a drifting leaf,

through the summer wind,

trying to find my place to land.


Dane made me do it....... n_n

The End

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