Strong as Steel Hands

If you read it, I think it's pretty self-explanatory.
It's about being completely independent until you're not, and the fear that you can't go back to the way things were once you start to realise how much you need that other person.
Maybe not the best ever poem about, well, anything, but it counts for something.

My hands are stronger than steel.

They shield me when life's cruelties are shot my way,

They catch me when I fall,

And they dig me out of the trouble I cause.

My hands have superpowers.

But surely, if someone were to take my

hands in theirs, they would lose it all.


My hands would never be big enough to

protect me,

Only another's back would do.

My hands would never be fast enough to 

keep me on my feet,

Only another's arms would do.

My hands would never be strong enough to

pull me from my troubles,

Only another's hands would do.

My hands would never be warm enough to 

chase away my sorrows,

Only another's smile would do.

Without my strong-as-steel hands, 

I will need a tough-as-nails man

Who is softer-than-kittens,



And has a smile that lights up the world.

So don't take my hand if you can't be that man,

and leave me without my strong-as-steel hands.

The End

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