This poem is about stuff I/others went thru and I really tried to making every thing come together in a way you could understand and in a way I can make it into peotic justice...
~Love, Kelia <3


Society has the word twisted

The way that some of us see it… Let’s just say I hope that it someday gets delisted.


It has a stronger meaning than muscles

Doesn’t take me to show you the money I make whether I work for it, busk or hustle


Think that there’s a kid out there holding back his tears while his parents decide of its sex drive.

That same kid is in fury burning his insides as he decides to stay silent and let his feelings eat him alive

The feeling you feel inside so demolishing it makes you thrive

Tip your hat to that kid cause he’s stays speechless in hopes of staying alive


That clenching dollop making its way down your esophagus when you’re spending your every cent

Think of it this way… this money you’re spending is just money that’s spent

Ghezz, there’s a single mother out there getting kicked out of her 1 bedroom apartment cause she’s down every percent

Now she’s thinking of ways to get her 5 kids off theses streets and in to learning every school sheet while living on this cement

And you’ve just drove by her so tiered so you collapse in your cottage tent thinking of everything your just overspent


I know an 11 year old girl out there using her arms as a canvas

Cutting every part of it she couldn’t even stand it

So she stopped it, so I stopped it


After that one day I watched blood pour out me and I dropped

Ending up in a room with 4 white walls watching people not even getting the chance to opt whether they would live or not


It’s in that moment I realized

As the doctor looks into my saline filled eye

That I want to be a bride

I wanna to live far from the homicide with my husband and kids I’ll be too proud of to hide

 “Are you feeling better?” he asks to which I reply


The End

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