You have to be strong.

You have to keep smiling,
Don't start crying,
Pick yourself up
and practice your lying.

You can't say "I need you"
because everyone will leave you
and you're not going to be that person.

You have to lift your chin, way up high.
Stifle the feelings that underlie - 
You have to be strong.
(Being weak is being wrong.)

You have to be the book-ends;
keep the others together.
You may be a shelf apart from your other half;
but you have to help everyone, whosoever.

You have to be the ship, the one ship which doesn't break
like relationships do.

You have to keep a tight grip, even when your fingers ache
and turn a lonely hue.

That's what strong means, right?

So you have to keep smiling,
you can't start crying,
you have to pick yourself up
and have to practice lying.

You have to be strong.

The End

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