You said you had no feelings,

And we all believed you,

But she went and broke your heart,

And then came out the truth.


You were strong and clever and funny,

But she played you, lead you on, 

You didn't notice, didn't realize,

Blinded by her beauty and charm.


You fell for her,

And did you ever fall hard,

She eventually got bored,

So she tore apart your heart.


She never loved you

The way you deserved.

She didn't care about how you felt,

But you would have died for her.


You swore you'd never love again,

You said you'd never feel,

And now your back to your old flirty ways,

But I don't think your heart ever healed.


Yes, you're strong and yes, you're tough,

But underneath you're vulnerable and afraid,

Unable to trust, timid about love,

Because the hole in your heart can't be replaced.

The End

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