With my hand in yours, i found myself strong.

Strong enough to climb past the roughest storm.

Strong enough to follow the road ahead of me,

Even though I have no idea where it leads.

Strong enough to believe that somewhere is better than nowhere

Strong enough to keep holding on, even when I don't understand.

With your hand comes the will to fight,

the Strength to Stand.

Catching me when I fall, always helping me through it all,

I know that because of You, I can stand tall.


Fear is irrelevant.

This kind of love holds fiercer than the deepest fear.

The fear is what makes you strong.

It is what makes you brave.


Will things ever change?

Deep down i know that eventually that day will come,

i'll wake to find everything changed, everything different

Your hands become the wind, ready to carry me

and like a butterfly

i'll spread my wings

and fly.

The End

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